Study program

Doctoral studies program in education science

(approved in the meeting of Joint Committee on September 14, 2011)

Modules are taught by united teams of VDU, VU, KU, MRU and Aveiro University (Portugal).
Students study in all universities during visiting sessions, distance studies or in other ways approved by faculty team. 


Field of studiesSocial Sciences
Branch of studiesEducation Science
Level of studiesThird
Form and length of studies (years)Full-time studies – 4 years. Part-time studies – 6 years
Number of credits240 ECTS
Awarded defree
Doctor of Social Sciences
(Education Science 07S)


Program purpose:
The purpose of this program is to prepare researchers who are able to conduct independently the research and work on social development projects as well as solve scientific/research problems. The Doctoral program in Education Science prepares Doctors of Social Sciences in Education Science. These professionals will be able to conduct the research at all levels of education  system and to perform the research and pedagogical activities in professional and higher education and non-formal education institutions.


Study outcomes:
Upon completion of this program, doctoral students will be able to:
1.  Analyze their independent research and teaching activities, develop further competencies and personal career.
2.  Assess / evaluate and interpret the chosen educational phenomena and issues in the context of theories and other research studies.
3.  Apply achievements of other research areas in educational research.
4.  Assess the educational phenomena and issues in the context of the world of activity.
5.  Assess the phenomena and issues in higher education with the view of didactics.
6.  Plan and conduct the qualitative and quantitative educational research.
7.  Process and present research results.
8.  Apply statistics in educational research.
9.  Prepare and implement the research project on educational improvements.

Career opportunities:
Upon completion of doctoral studies, the doctors in education will be able to work as researchers, policy-makers in education, organizers and executors of education projects as well as hold the research and teaching ositions in higher education institutions and executive posts in educational and research institutions.
Final evaluation:
Final project – written and publicly defended doctoral dissertation.
Admission to the program:
Candidates apply for the Doctoral program in Education Science through open admission. Individuals holding Master’s degree or an equivalent degree can participate in open admission process. More information about admissions procedures is available in Rules and Procedures of Doctoral Studies.


Full program description in PDF format:

Modules for specialised studies in PDF format:


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