Research areas

Member universities of this Consortium have traditions within certain thematic fields of research and implementing certain methodological approaches. While the object for research remains the same – education – however, there are certain aspects that are more at focus in different universities. Due to  specific expertise of researchers in different universities, also regional contexts of where the universities are situated and a profile of international cooperation, research projects that were implemented nationally or internationally, different universities (Vytautas Magnus University, Klaipeda University, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius University) have different strengths in different fields of research, and therefore themes differ slightly. This differentiation (and, on the other hand, – integration) of research themes guarantee a needed diversity of initiatives, which, therefore, enable studies of practices and problems within these practices with the necessary depth. Thematic fields were formulated after the extensive discussions within universities. As an example, the Centre of Excellence in Research in Lifelong Learning Studies at Vytautas Magnus University (title granted in 2008 by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science)) organised extensive discussions. Vilnius University formulated thematic fields according to the tradition and expertise as did other universities. As it was emphasized, the expertise and experience of researchers at universities involved, also publications within the fields and dissertations, relations with academic associations and other academic bodies and esteemed colleagues in the fields provide grounds for formulating thematic fields of research, and at the same time provide framework for future research initiatives.
Thematic fields of research:

  • History of pedagogy
  • Pedagogy and didactics
  • Adult education
  • Teacher training
  • Culture of Education
  • Management of education and educational policies
  • Quality of education
  • Vocational education
  • Social pedagogy
  • Career design
  • Family studies
  • Educational technologies
  • Physical education
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Doctoral studies in education science

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Prof. habil. dr. Margarita Teresevičienė
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